I'm a winner!!


Every week on a Sunday evening, ex dragon and entrepreneur Theo Paphitis rewards small businesses that tweets him describing their business in one tweet including the all important hashtag #SBS.

And on a Monday evening he chooses his favourite 6 small businesses, and re-tweets them in his announcement calling his winners!

I then went onto it and had a go myself! Week after week....no luck! But I carried on tweeting every single week without fail! I'm not one gives up very easily! Then on Monday evening I received an email from another small business saying 'Congratulations on your win!'.......Hang on...what's this?! I though huh what!?! So I quickly jumped onto Twitter and I see my name in a re-tweet by Theo himself congratulating me on my #SBS win as I was one of 6 small businesses who had been chosen!

I didn't know how to react, I didn't know what to do or say apart from jumping around like an absolute loon! I was jumping around with pure joy and excitement! My business and my name has been noticed by a famous entrepreneur! I am, and always have been a massive fan of Dragon's Den....this was the icing on the cake!

After 2 years of hard, solid work, results are finally starting to show!

Now I'm even more excited because I will have the opportunity to meet the man himself when I attend his special event which will be happening very very soon! As well as the opportunity to meet hundreds of other incredible small businesses!

As a winner of Small Business Sunday my key message to you all is....the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine, small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. Never give up, never be afraid to dream and never be afraid of taking that small step to huge things!

You are in control of YOUR life!!